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Why Tystar?

33 Reasons

High Return on Investment

  • Tystar's proprietary isothermal system design enables.
  • Very affordable price, beating any leading manufacturer.
  • A small footprint, saving expensive clean room space.
  • High efficiency through reducing gas and electricity use by >50%.

Advanced Features

  • Each process tube (chamber) has its own monitor control computer.
  • The computer has multiple recipes stored.
  • The computer will retain its memory for 30 days in the event of a brown or black out.
  • The Temperature Controller has a dual algorithm with
  • Feedforward as well as PID functions.
  • Sliding PCB drawers and swivel control consoles are used for ease of maintenance.
  • All software used in the system is SECS II compatible.
  • There is power on diagnostics.
  • Gas control panels and scavenger exhausts are designed with low particle generation in mind.

Excellent Post-Sales Support

  • 24 hour response to any inquiry or service request even after the warranty expires.
  • Unlimited process and system support for the entire lifetime of the equipment.
  • Process data support utilizing the largest library of process data gathered over 30 years.

Robust & Reliable

  • Auto/manual switching in the event of an unexpected controller failure.
  • Sophisticated and high speed controls.
  • Rigorously tested and certified parts.
  • Individual tube control for failure independence from tube to tube.
  • EPROM established safety controls.
  • A multi-step abort sequence to prevent damage to the process or equipment in the event of an emergency shut down.