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Archive October 17, 2016

Terminal Emulator Software

October 17, 2016

We have just finished development of a Single-Point Control Software (SPCS). Each tube on a Tystar furnace is controlled individually by a tube computer (FCS 10). This allows other tube computers to run uninterrupted in the event of a tube computer failure. Each tube is also monitored and operated from a touch screen panel PC. This allows other panel PCs to run uninterrupted in the event of a panel PC failure. Tystar is now adding one more powerful feature to our controller assembly, that allows the furnace operator to monitor and operate from a single point. This new feature makes it possible to continue the operation of the furnace should there be a panel PC failure. The new feature even makes it possible to operate the furnace even without the panel PCs at all. Interested customers are encouraged to contact the Tystar sales department. sales@tystar.com.