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Archive May 6, 2015

Message from the CEO

May 6, 2015

Have you ever experienced an abrupt malfunction of your CVD furnace? You are only a few days away from an important deadline but your equipment company is slow to respond to your S.O.S. Or, as the production manager, you receive a report on the unstable behavior of your CVD furnace but the equipment company says you have to wait two weeks just to get a technician to arrive at your site. Rest assured! This will never happen with Tystar's equipment. Tystar furnaces are extremely robust and reliable. Even in the event of a malfunction, our engineers will walk you through a manual operation mode so that system operations can continue until we get there. This is only one of the 33 reasons why you should buy Tystar products. Our engineering team, with over 30 years of experience, is quick to respond, highly experienced, and will never give up until the issues are completely resolved. Tystar's mission is to meet the semiconductor/MEMS industries needs with quality products and service. As the CEO of Tystar Corporation, I personally guarantee your full satisfaction as detailed in our catalog.

Wayne H. Choe, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
Tystar Corporation