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Archive July 8, 2014

Tystar Innovation

July 8, 2014

In 2009, Dr. Wayne H. Choe joined Tystar as CEO, pushing service, quality, and innovation to the next level. He established a platform for global expansion and made innovation a driving force. Still under his leadership five years later, the company's revenue has grown substantially and growth is expected to accelerate in the coming years.

Dr. Choe has aligned the entire organization around the mission to build trusting and lifelong partnerships with customers by providing them with the best innovative technology and service long into the future. His business philosophy is centered around the idea that, "satisfied customers are the company's only tangible assets."

Since taking over, Dr. Choe has mandated a rapid response policy to any inquiry or service request. Queries from customers around the globe are now being replied to within 24 hours. In addition, technical support for our customers, both on equipment and processes, have been extended for the lifetime of the equipment. The quality of Tystar's service and support is now widely recognized to be unbeatable by its competitors.

Tystar also outperforms its competitors on equipment quality. Many of our first-generation systems have been in operation for over a quarter of a century and are still working flawlessly. As a solid testament to Tystar's equipment quality, you will rarely find refurbished or used Tystar equipment in the secondary market. We continually test our parts rigorously in our labs over extended periods of time and our R&D team is continually improving our systems and designs. While Tystar products are already recognized for their smaller footprints, higher energy efficiency, unfailing safety, and durabilty, they will only continue to grow more impressive.

Deep underneath, Tystar has undergone a number of profound changes. We have not only made improvements to our product designs, but we have begun to develop products in new categories. We have introduced an innovative mode of service and technical support, utilizing the latest IT technology. We have expanded our market territory to new and emerging markets around the world. And in order to meet the demands of our growth, we have recently acquired our own building facilities, which will be equipped with brand-new lab facilities and equipment. These are just some of the new and exciting challenges we've embraced in order to be able to continue providing our customers with the best innovative solutions.