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Archive January 13, 2012

Tystar Acquires Exclusive Rights to Microwave PECVD System

January 13, 2012

Tystar Corporation has acquired the exclusive worldwide rights to manufacture and market a patented Microwave Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (MW-PECVD) system. Capabilities of the MW-PECVD system include production of optical-grade and cutting tool-grade diamond disks (in excess of 100 mm in diameter and 1 mm in thickness) and both thin- and thick-film diamond of various grades. This will further strengthen Tystar's position as the leader in CVD equipment technology. Tystar CEO Dr. Wayne H. Choe is one of the co-inventors of US Patent Number 7,171,919. The system uses a microwave cavity resonator with a geometry that has been optimized to increase the degree of concentration of microwaves above the substrate. This enlarges the deposition area and reduces the undesirable heating of the antenna rod and cavity resonator sidewall. Power consumption is thus reduced by about 25%.