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Archive August 4, 2016

PVD-1000 Purchase Orders

August 4, 2016

Tystar has received purchase orders for a number of PVD-1000 systems from a defense contractor specializing in IR photonics. Tystar’s Photo-Enhanced Vapor Deposition Reactor is a one-of-a-kind CVD system and has some pretty unique properties. As a low temperature process tool, operating at around 75-200 Centigrade, the PVD-1000 offers several processing advantages over other CVD methods.

Unlike PECVD, PVD-1000 eliminates the need to introduce electrodes into the reaction chamber. The absence of electrodes prevents ion damage to sensitive devices. Unlike LPCVD operating at high temperatures, PVD-1000 minimizes thermally induced stress in the films, while providing excellent step coverage.

Continuous improvements have been made to the reactor design since 1978, and as of late, the engineering team at Tystar has introduced many uniformity enhancing features. Changes include: temperature control of the catalytic vaporizer, intensity control of the U.V. Lamps, U.V. intensity measurement port, new vacuum o-ring seals, improved gas injectors, and touch screen computer controls.